Timeline Update

I have edited and added to the historical timeline "Timeline of Innovation: York State 1779-1861." When I was going through it, I realized that I had paid too little attention to the momentous events in the area of Women's Liberation. I have put in more info on Stanton, Anthony and Bloomer as well as several points about women's dress reform. Also, recently, the Popular Health Movement of this era was brought to my attention. While much of its innovation occurred in New England, this movement was vitally important to the feelings of "frontier democracy" and anti-elitism popular at the time. I have removed a few notes that were only peripherally important (such as information about Ellen White, it turns out she was from Maine) and expanded a bit the discussion of the Hudson Valley Tenant's Riots.

I appreciate Alia for thanking me in an earlier comment and referring to the timeline as a "people's history." She also commented that it was a shame that this was never taught to her at school. This is something that I also think is a shame. After all, these are interesting stories of revolt, creativity and people struggling with powerful questions of morality. Worth at least a movie I think. Please email us any events you think are missing or corrections you can see.

-Posted by Jesse

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Marianne said...

This is a facinating blog and I am glad that Upstream: A Mohawk Valley Perspective brought it to my notice