Tastes of the Region #5: Brozzetti's Pizza

The theory behind Brozzetti's pizza involves a whole bunch of polish people liking it in Johnson city, NY. While the Brozzetti's have always been quite Italian, the pizza establishment is in the Polish Heart of Broome County. The place has been around since the end of the World War second, which makes it over a million years old in upstate standards.

The pizza is described in an interview by the Press and Sun Bulletin of Mr. Brozzetti as sweeter than normal pizza and "half-way Sicilian."* It seems the cheese is at least partially American and something else, and the crust doesn't taste bland like normal NY style pizza. The only way the pizza is available is in sheet, or half-sheet standard, you can't get any type of round pie or triangular slice.

Polish pizza is really sloppy and gross, so Brozzetti's being really sloppy and not gross was a favorable delicacy to the local Polish -including my mother's extended family and my immediate family. There is no way any pizza on the planet tastes like Brozzetti's, so people will always regularly come back to Broz, even when they live across the country for 7 years. Many youths have been heard saying that they love Brozzetti's so much that they'd in fact marry it when dared to do so by friends after describing their affections for it.

Brozzetti's is located south of Wilson Regional Medical Centre in Johnson City village. If ever in southern Broome County, you may throw away your pizza preconceptions and experience something new until 11 pm EST.

-Written by Joe



Joe said...

I protest the changing of 'Fun' to 'Sun' in this article, since it was printed with 'Fun' it should be changed back. T. Dreiser wrote 'A Place in the Sun', not Jesse.

Jesse said...

If you're ever driving through the North Sides of Johnson City or Binghamton ("Polish Heaven") and you're looking to try a slice of world famous Polish Pizza, look for neon signs that read "Hot Pies." In the good old days of vibrant ethnic communities, a sign saying pizza meant that you were Italian, so the Polaks and Slovaks and Litvaks and various other "-aks" called their's something else. Some of the signs have disappeared, but I believe its still on the menu in old stanbys like The Red's Kettle Inn, The Oasis and Sharkey's Bar and Grill.

Nicky Japan said...

Yo, i heard the author of this article was named 'polish slur' of the year.

Natalie said...

Joe was indeed affectionately named 'Polak of the Year' by a extremely informal New Years poll, follow closely by runner up Russel Petrosky

Russell Petrosky said...

I am proud to announce that this posting is now the number 1 site when surching for the word "Brozzetti's" on Google. Congratulations to all those who helped make this day possible

Shirley Bendeck said...

I grew up in Johnson City NY and ate Brozzetti's Pizza once a week for 13 yrs. I agree with all those who have had it and and moved away. I've tried pizza all over the US and even in Europe and Italy. Nothing compares to Brozzetti's. I'm glad I read that I can order it and have it sent out to Texas where I now live. It's expensive, but well worth it! YUM!

Erikka said...

Omigod, how can I do that? I'm in Tucson now and need some Brozetti's.

Caryiel said...

I see mention of Johnson City, anyone every try Lupo's Spiedi Subs?? They are the all time best spiedi subs. We used to live in Johnson city about 15 years ago. We moved to Syracuse and always stop into Lupo's when we visit family in Johnson City.

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JimFalzone said...

Why doesn't the Brozetti family cash in on UPS delivery of their pizzas? They have sort of sat back and allowed Nirchis to become the number pizza in the region. Don't they realize that the die hard Brozettis fans would order the pizzas online?

Check out this website from chicago. http://www.tastesofchicago.com/category/36

They are getting $50 to deliver a pizza out of state. While that's a little steep, I would be willing to pay that much for a few half sheets delivered to Massachusetts.

Please, Please, Please talk to the Brozetti family about this idea.

(I know lots of folks who regularly order Lupos speidie sauce online, I'm sure online business can only be a good thing.)

Jesse said...

Hey everyone,
Just for information's sake, Brozetti's Pizza. We're a group of people who love Upstate New York and put this information up for your convenience and education. With that said, I have always had the opinion (from the few articles that I've read and my experiences in the store) that the Brozetti family has no desire at all to create an empire, to expand, to sell online or do anything except make good pizza in the way that their grandfathers did. They certainly have had more than enought chances to do otherwise over the 60-some years they've been around. While I think it's a pain that I can't get Brozettis up here in Syracuse, I'm also glad that there are things in this world that aren't always convenient or easy and that Brozetti's Pizza is one of those bits of life that is pure-Johnson City and would lose its identity anywhere else. Besides, doesn't it taste better when you have to work for it?

Eugene Wurzler said...

Great !!! Grew up in Johnson City with the brozetti boys, Bob, Aldo , Gino, In the past relatives have frozen pizzas and brought them on the plane to Florida for us. Nice site!!!!

Joy Burgess said...

I grew up in Johnson City, I think having Brozetti's Pizza at least once a month was some kind of law. LOL
I am living in the south and lived in the west, I still can't go to the upstate without a trip to Brozetti's. The last time I visited I bought a pizza on my way to the airport and after wrapping it I carried it in a carry on to take home to family.
Good old Brozzetti's, I am looking forward to having some next week!!!

Anonymous said...

I gotta find out more about this!

Anonymous said...

jill said...
I live in California, and my really good friend from Sanzo Specialties, in Endicott - went out of his way to next day air us 4 of Brozetti's Cheese Pizzas. WOW - I mean WOW!!!!!
I could only wish that they had pizza like that here. It would be great if we could order and ship all the time.

Brozzetti - you need to thank Tony at Sanzo Specialties(800)222-4041 - he is one of your biggest fans!!! He brags about your pizza all the time! Yummy Yummy in my Tummy!!!!

Anonymous said...

ugh! this stuff is the WORST pizza in the southern tier hands down.

If you want some good pizza in the area, there are about 100 better mom and pop pizza shops.

Rossi's, Nirchi's, Tony's, Nick's, god anything is better than the fecal matter brozetti's pushes on to their customers...

I have lived in the area since birth, and live less than 1 mile from brozetti's. horrible stuff. dominoes tastes better with their cardboard crust.

Anonymous said...

My name is Vince,I am an American of Italian decent, I moved to the area 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York. I have been on a quest to find decent Pizza in the Upstate New York area. I happened upon Brozzetti's during a Hospital visit. I ordered 4 slices. I noticed that for the price,, the styrofoam plate felt very lite. When I got to my vehicle and removed the foil covering, I noticed what looked almost like New York style "sicilain: Pizza, but smaller squares. I took my first bite and my taste buds were very confused.. I have never tasted anything like this pizza in all my life.. It is horrible,, The people at Brozzetti's "Pizza" shouls be ashamed of themselves for charging, what I feel is way too much money for that abortion, they call Pizza. Thus far the best tasting pizza I have found is on Main Street, Sidney, New York,, very close to the type of pizza one would find in New York City.

A_little_NY_Pie said...

My father is from Binghamton and every time we go back to visit the family, we have Brozzetti's! The Pie is sweet, classic and addictive! We have it shipped in for celebrations. Hands down the BEST PIE in the US.

ANYONE who thinks Brozzetti's Pie is horrible, is obviously from somewhere that the standards are lower and the taste buds duller; especially considering they didn't even have the 'cahones' to give a name, they had to do it "anonymously"...... Schmuck