Central New York, a great place to be
A place to raise families and take in the scenes

There’s fishing and sailing and hiking galore
And plenty of places to do things indoors

Hunting is a sport that is popular in these parts
As is golf, softball, football and darts

Summers are filled with barbeques and friends
Working outside ‘til the light of day ends

Sunshine and hot days for playing outside
Enjoying time with family, eating corn and drinking wine

Autumn with leaves as bright as can be
Rake them in piles, run, jump and scream

Days getting shorter, temperatures getting cooler
The snow is coming, white will blanket us sooner.

Winter in its glory with snow towering high
Snow ball fights, warm fires, hot chocolate and sliding

Flakes falling slowly with style and grace
Picking out the perfect Christmas tree to decorate

Spring brings the rain, not that warm yet by any stretch
But the dogs love to get out and play some fetch

Muddy and blooming, the time has become
But for us it’s just another season to pass along

I love this area of ours, with its wide open spaces
Peace, quiet and nice, helpful neighbors

We live in a simple, undemanding town
With nice people, a bit of charm and we’re damn proud

I won’t ever leave if I don’t have to
Because this is where we made our home, me and you."

By Shannon Masters 11/1/04

Editor's Note: Thank you Shannon for your submission. York Staters would be honored to post the writings, poetry and artwork of any of its readers. Please check out the Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines for more information.


Jersey Davis said...

'sooner' and 'cooler' are awkward pairings, not to mention the poor grammar of: "the snow is coming, white will blanket us sooner,", and I'm talking about poetic grammar.

eRIK said...

How true!