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Readers and friends,
I would just like to point out the right-hand column of our blog, especially to those who might normally ignore it. We at York Staters have something of a minimalist philosophy and so we have tried to limit the amount of "stuff" to the right. Blogs sometimes have a tendency to be busy, which may be fine for some bloggers, but we have tried to limit ourselves to those links that we feel are only the best and most useful that we can find.
In particular, I would like to encourage readers to explore the topmost links, which include our Mission Statement (which explains what "York Staters" means), the brand-new Submissions page and compilations of what we believe to be our best writings. Those of you who fancy yourselves foodies can find what you're looking for in the Tastes of the Region page.
The Links area below is divided up into sections for reference, blogs, media, journals and the ever-present Craigslist. The blogs in particular have been carefully selected to represent what we believe are some of the best Upstate New York has to offer.
Of course, we can never visit every site in the region, so if you believe we should add something, drop us a line at
Yorkstaters. If we like what we see. we might put the site up on the list, or we might feature it in a post. Look forward to hearing from you.

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