"Remembering America's Roots" July 1st, 2006

“Remembering America’s Roots”
Honoring the Heart and Soul of America
July 1, 2006, Onondaga Lake Park, Syracuse NY
Join us and be part of our effort as we honor the spirit that emboldened the founders and molded America.

The “Remembering America’s Roots” event will honor, remember, and educate people about the influence that the greater Central New York area had in shaping and making America. The event will be held Saturday July 1, 2006 from 9 AM to 7 PM in the Willow Bay section of Onondaga Lake Park (Syracuse NY). It will be free and open to the public.

“Remembering America’s Roots” will highlight the following CNY hallmarks that shaped our nation’s development:

Democracy– The Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace was the basis and model for our form of democratic government. The Tree of Peace was planted on the shores of Onondaga Lake.

Civil Rights/Social Justice–The area was called the “Northstar Country” for all the slaves that escaped on the Underground Railroad, followed the North Star to freedom here. It was a hotbed of Abolitionism.

Women’s Rights/ Social Justice- The Women’s rights movement was born here.

Spirituality– CNY is home to America’s Second Great Awakening. It was called the “Burnt Over District” for all its religious revivals. Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostalism, Evangelism, Spiritualism, Utopian communities all has their roots in the greater CNY area.

Other— A host of other initiatives from the compassionate treatment of the mentally insane, to animal rights, to…were started in CNY.
The Event
We will feature lectures, re-enactments, music, prayers, Native customs/events, food etc. Local historical homes/initiatives, advocacy groups and places of worship will be present and available to demonstrate their part in helping mold and shape America.
We welcome all organizations, groups, places of worship, and nations from the greater CNY area that have helped influence and shape America–whether they did so in the past or are actively doing so currently.

Organizations can table for free at the event. We also encourage their members to participate and lead in events such as lectures and re-enactments. Since we are assuming the costs for this event we ask that organizations not solicit funds for donation at the event.

Places of worship that wish to table must demonstrate that they have in the past or are currently involved in peace, justice, civil rights issues or promote ecumenism and dialogue between various faiths.

All participants must be accepting of other people’s perspectives and be committed to non-violence. This is a necessity since we will have a wide variety of groups who may have opposing views. Email us if you are interested: madis@twcny.rr.com
If you are individual that has a skill or knowledge that could benefit the event and are not affiliated with any organization, please contact us.

We are also open to anyone interested in joining our organizing efforts. Email us if you are interested: madis@twcny.rr.com
Who we are
We have been holding events in and around Onondaga Lake for the last five years. Below are a few of the press clippings for past events. We also suggest you call Onondaga County Park's person Leiko Benson, 315-453-6712, who will be coordinating this event with us.

“Where People Gather” is a community of people that have grown around the sweat lodges hosted by Cherie and John Sardella of Parish, NY. John is a Mohawk that has taken the mission of introducing others to his Native customs. He believes in the “Big Answer,” that we must all learn from each other and come together. His wife Cherie along with teacher Pam Rosati, hold spiritual and women’s events. Pam and her husband Lou, who is also a teacher, hold regular drum circles at their home in Camillus. John and Cherie as they have for past events will lead a pilgrimage and organize the musical performances. They are members of the band called Gypsy Red.

Loraine Mavins–Head of the Paine Branch Library will be working on re-enactments and lectures.

madis senner- is a faith based activist that has been lead organizer for over 10 events around Onondaga Lake. He will coordinate and lead organizing and planning has he has done on other events. He will also lead the media/PR effort. “Remembering America’s Roots” will be promoted locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Go to our website for more information: http://www.AmericasRoots.org

Submitted by madis senner

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Jamie Fernand said...

This sounds fantastic, except I'm a bit weary of the location at the lake. I wouldn't want my kids to get sick from the toxic fumes dusting from the lake.