County Courthouse Series No.1: Broome County

The Broome CountyCourthouse, designed by architect Isaac G. Perry. The courthouse, built from 1897-98 and dedicated November 12, 1898, is one of many buildings designed by Perry in Binghamton.

The County Courthouse Series requires some explanation. Over the years, I have developed an inordinate desire to memorize the names of, be able to place on a map, and visit all the counties of New York State. I’m fairly certain I’ve been through all of them at some point or another, but I feel this does not constitute “visiting.” And I would like to document this process.

The first idea was to take pictures of the signs at county borders, but the major logistical problem with that is that (I’m assuming) the counties that comprise New York City don’t have them. Someone (and if memory serves, this was Jesse) suggested that I take pictures of the county courthouses instead. Which is double trouble, since I’m an architectural history person. So as I traverse this great state of ours, I will share the documentation of my county obsession.

Try your hand at the Counties of New York State game!

Posted by Natalie


Natalie said...

I'll not give up! And besides, I haven't said how long it will take me which gives me ample (indefinite) time to complete the task!

Jesse said...

If anyone is interested, we're taking side bets on whether she'll give up before even seeing 20 county seats, if anyone wants in on the pool, give me a shout (york.staters@gmail.com).
But in reality, we're going to try to visit all 63 counties currently inside NYS, so keep a lookout for your home town on here.

Jon said...

Well, Jesse... you lived for 4 years in the Livingston County seat... wheres the pics of Geneseo's County Jail???


Jesse said...

This is a good point Jon, but I didn't have this burning desire at that time. Of course,when one walks by a building every day on the way school, one tends to forget that it is a thing of beauty. I think that's a problem alot of us have with our communities: it's easy to look at the ugly buildings, the strip mall developments and the abandoned factories, and forget that our cities also have a beautiful side. I myself remember one day in particular, in late evening walking through a residential neighborhood of Rochester (near the Atomic Eggplant restaurant for those of you who live there) as a light snow was falling. Everything was dusted and the streetlights lit up each tiny snowflake. The buildings were stately and peaceful, it was like they were taking time to remember.