Architectual Treasures

Here is a well put-together site about historic asylums in Upstate New York. It appears to be in development, but right now it details the Buffalo State Hospital and the Castle on the Hill, NYS Inebriate Asylum in Binghamton. The Buffalo site was designed by the noted architect H. H. Richardson who also did considerable work in Albany including early work on the Capital Building. The Castle on the Hill was designed by Binhamton's first architect Isaac G. Perry, who coincidentally finished the Capital in Albany and made the Broome County Court House detailed in Natalie's last post.

One of the greatest treasures throughout York State is our built heritage. For those interested in this subject, I suggest visiting and supporting the
Landmark Society of Western New York. This summer at Sagamore, I met a member of this organization writing a book entirely upon architectual treasures in Upstate New York and I am looking forward to its publication (the Broome County Courthouse and Sagamore are included).

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joe and russ said...

we killed a man in back of an EJ factory a while back. I remember noticing the architecture.