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This weekend, I decided that I was going to do something different with my time. I get weekly emails fromt he Binghamton IndyMedia Center discussing events going on in the area and I heard about two interesting sounding activities this weekend.

The first was called
First Friday, a monthly event in downtown Binghamton. A relatively new event, it is an Art Walk, when the roughly half a dozen galleries open their doors late. Also open are cafes, restaurants and gift shops (roughly forty establishments). Me and three friends went down to enjoy the activities. Overall, it was a good time, the art was ok to good (especially the Brunelli gallery) and every one of them gave wine, cheese or, in one case, egg nog. It was obvious that the aim of the event was to sell the works, which was understandable (artists have to eat) but somehow gave something of a disconcerting air to the event; the art walkers were largely middle class white folks, the kind of people that Binghamton's administration has been trying to bring in. The photo above is of me and one of the more striking sculptures.

It seems that Mayor Bucci's people have been working hard to revitalize downtown. Loft apartments, riverside park projects, an art boom and an exciting proposal for a university extension downtown. I'm optimistic about some of these developments, especially art and river projects. The only question I have is whether the City is trying to gentrify itself and what will happen. Another artist played jazz stand up bass (his picture is here, I unfortunately didn't write his name down even though he told it to me, I'm sorry). Overall it was an enjoyable event.

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