Buy Upstate and CNY Products

Help your upstate hometown out by supporting those local new businesses. And, buy CNY products. If you are a CNY emigre, buy them when you are here. Bring em back in your suitcase, drive them back or have them shipped. Buy Camillus Cutlery, Gianelli Sausage, Rapasadi Potatoes and Onions, Fulton Onions, Cortland and Beak n skiff Apples, certain products from Oneida Silver, Paul de Lima Coffee, Stickley Furniture, Harden Furniture, Hale Wood Bookcases, Terrell's Potato Chips, Syracuse China, Dinosaur Barb-e-Q sauce and the list goes on and on. What you spend here makes a difference. Make an annual clothes budget and spend it here when you are in town, and wear it home or mail it home. Put your dollars here in your favorite hometown. Support our industry, our manufacturers. We do not have to buy into globalism. We need to buy into Upstatism. Keep your dollars upstate.

Written by Brendan Delay

Editor's Note: Brendan also suggests Mohawk Paper, Finch Pruyn Paper, Aurora Shoe Company, Syracuse China, Hoffman's Hot Dogs, Byrne Dairy Milk, Saratoga Spring Water, Camillus Cutlery and Cutco Knives. Of course, there are manufacturer's across Upstate NY (though not what there was once) and I'm sure the list could go on and on. Thanks for the submission Brendan.
-Posted by Jesse


Returning to NY said...

This sentiment is well intentioned but ineffective. Yes, buying locally will help on a limited scale. The problem is that the potential is as finite as the population.

This viewpoint of Upstatism over Globalism is as backwards as looking through the wrong end of binoculars and saying the horizon is too far away to reach. Turn the binoculars around look to the outside, not locally, for customers.

Many of the names listed I've never heard of until returning to NY or had forgotten that they were made here. It's easy to claim that it is obvious that Oneida Silver is made here. But to the outside world, Oneida is just a name. Companies like Skickley and Harden are easily lumped in with the North Carolina furniture houses.

Sure, spending a few dollars doesn't hurt local companies. But to really help them, Globalism should be exploited rather than shunned.

Tammy L Worden said...

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Cathy Peluso said...

I am also looking to have Hoffman hot dogs shipped to Florida, is this possible???? My email address is cpeluso@hotmail.com.


Dawn said...

I also need Hoffmans shipped to Florida. Please email me regarding: dmcmanus78@hotmail.com

Jesse said...

Hey everyone,
Just for information's sake, this is not a site owned or affiliated with Hoffman's Hot Dogs, Brozetti's Pizza or any other Upstate company. We're a group of people who love Upstate New York and put these links up for your convenience. You're best bet is to contact those companies more directly.

Anonymous said...

This is not just a sentiment. Buying locally not only helps the local economy but also helps to decrease global warming. Just how much CO2 entered the atmosphere to get your product produced in a country that has less stringent emission regulations and travel all the way to you? Buy local and everyone wins.