Technical Assistance Needed

Does anyone know how to make interactive images? I am looking to create a subpage with an interactive map of all of the counties of the state- so that as Natalie and I put up County Courthouse stories, we can make a place for guests to easily find them. If you know how to do this or--even better can give me a hand doing it- please let me know. Thanks!



Roch101 said...

How interactive do you want to get? The simplest is an imagemap, that allows you to have different hyperlinks associated with different areas of an image. It helps to have some software that will allow you to do this through a WYSWIG interface. I've not used this, but it looks like it should do the trick (and it's free). If it doesn't work, Google "imagemapper" or "image map."

email me if you have any questions: admin@altmedia101.com

TourPro said...

How about making a Google Map? If identifying a location is the primary purpose, I think this would do it.