One year and counting!

Friends and Readers,

I can't believe how quickly time has passed, but a full year has passed since we first posted here on York Staters. It's been quite a year and we're still gung-ho about the project; for our one-year celebration, we've got one or two little surprises planned that we hope you'll enjoy.

To recap a bit of this past year: at the point of writing this, we've had a total of 18,767 visitors to the site and 35,082 page views. We're currently at our highest rate of visitation ever, with a daily average of 95 visitors!

In this past year, we've seen an explosion of interest in Upstate New York as a region and a state of mind and we've been more than pleased to be along for the ride. One might even say that there has been a general rebellion against taxes, NYRI and state government inefficiency and corruption. Perhaps Upstate is finally shaking off the complacency or fatalism of the past thirty years and finding its voice? We certainly hope so.

Whatever happens, we hope to be here to bring a bit of perspective and to give a voice to whoever finds a need for one. As long as you keep reading, we'll try to keep writing.

-Jesse and Natalie

Edit from Natalie: Actually, we started at the end of October last year. But I think we're going to celebrate this whole month, because we can ;o) Jesse and I have discussed some interesting articles and additions to the blog to mark the occassion, so stay tuned! And, as always, we welcome your submissions.

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Margie Meade said...

congratulations on your sexy web log;
celebrate celebrate
in this year of our lord,
let's thank the horn of plenty,
for the pumpkin and the gourd!

gorde gourde gourd, one of those should be right.