The Indian Lake Project: Fact or Fiction?

It's Halloween, and while there are plenty of excellent guidebooks to the weird and haunted places in Upstate New York (see Jesse and Joe's search for Eunice), there is one mystery that won't be found in those. The Indian Lake Project blog cryptically details the authors ongoing search for information about what he believes was a MKULTRA-like government-sponsored mind control program conducted on children in the woods around Indian Lake, New York in the early 1950s. The blog details the evidence he claims to have that was passed on to him by his uncle who discovered it in a box along a trail in the late 1990s, the people who have contacted him with information about the project, and that he believes he is being watched.

The box's contents and the authors suppositions about their meaning are chilling, but are they fact or fiction? The only references to the Indian Lake Project online are to the blog, usually on paranormal forums, and once supposing that it was a viral marketing tool. However, real programs of government experiments have come to light through declassified documents in recent years, but few if any involved children. Is it possible that this is real evidence of another secret program? Or is it a fictitious project of someone who watched one too many episodes of the X-files?

To read the blog and judge for yourself, visit the Indian Lake Project. (It makes the most sense to start in the archives and read to the present day.)

Posted by Natalie


Joe said...

I liked this story initially, but now it's pretty uneventful and all the author does is send you to Wikipedia.

Since most of the soldiers pictured are in uniform, they're wearing identifying markers to their unit origin and time period. However most are either too dark, or low quality in digital terms, whereas if you saw the pictures in hand, the markers would be alot easier to identify.

For example, in the picture with the female soldier, little kid and adult soldier- you can see the uniform markers of a medical officer and his rank on his left lapel is some lower officer. On the woman the sgt.'s chevron is on the sleeve and the pin of the WACS is on her left lapel, she's most likely his secretary, while his rank is unidentifiable because of the digital quality of the picture. With it there's the picture of her marrying some officer, which is interesting if she's a WACS sgt.

This pic is my favorite because when you look at it it's almost like you've seen it before:

looks sort of like Herman Goerring,(I thought it might have been Goerring meeting Mussolini in Munich, but there's really not enough information besides looking at their fat faces) with his driver standing to the rear. Either way these are european uniforms, they have the little belts across their chests, driver has his white color/black tie and the fatty on the right is wearing a beret.

This next picture is supposed to represent a military presence in Indian lake. These are certainly Americans, though it's likely that this picture wasn't taken in New York or North America.

Why? Because this is the symbol of the 2nd infantry division, or the 'Indian Head' division. It even has the colors of the infantry, white/silver above and red/reddish-brown below. There's absolutely no reason why this would be a sign in the town of Indian Lake.

I first thought Ft. Lewis Washington, but that's too recent; this picture was taken in either bavaria or korea. If the digital quality was better you'd make out the left arm-patch of the soldier on the right, there's a good chance it's an arrowhead with the indian head in the center.

There's a zillion pictures of soldiers from Ft. Drum units, if you had some black and white picture of some dudes with 10th mountain division patches stuff would be hitting in not only the right state, but the right continent.

Freaked Out said...

Natalie says "few if any" programs involved children... but I wonder if she has done enough homework. I refer specifically to the history in Quebec, the Duplessis orphans, etc., as well as the ACHRE hearings... see http://www.raven1.net/hradexco.htm#CHILDTORTURE5 or http://www.aches-mc.org/ or the numerous cases involving day care centers, the disinformation campaigns of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, et al.

You gots to do your homework.

Anonymous said...

I'm suspicious just because nobody else has been able to find this facility in the woods. This stuff is NOT that difficult to find and everybody knows whereabouts it should be. I'm suspicious - it's been four years and nobody else has seen this place? Come on.

Anonymous said...

It's a crock. The author intentionally misleads and draws completely illogical inferences from the things he does claim to see.

If he really believed it were some sort of government conspiracy he'd post up everything the more people knowing the safer he is.

I doubt entirety of the story including the existence of any box or contents.

It it were real he would just post the GPS coordinates instead of claiming some sort of fear or interference with an "investigation" he is approaching in the stupidest possible manner.

BigfootHunter said...

Just because no one else has said anything about finding it, doesn't necessarily mean that they haven't found it. Or that they were ever heard from again. The government puts out what we want to hear, but conceals things that would bring it to its knees. Remember where he mentions the "Indian Lake Triangle"? I doubt those men just got lost and died.

Anonymous said...

Even a google earth search for the extent of forestry coverage in the area would suggest that it would be virtually impossible to find, and the author mentioned that it ISN'T actually on any trails.

I think I still need convincing, but I'm intrigued, and there is a well documented bank of evidence of child experiments during the early years of the cold war

Anonymous said...

reading the blog now.. I thought the Joe commenter was right initially, but the author actually addresses both of those discrepancies within the blog.

The German soldiers picture was from an outside source, and he actually admits that although the Indian head picture was included in the box, he has no idea where it actually was taken, or what it means. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

All the photos look to be digitally enchanced to look worn and old.

Anonymous said...

Starting with Joe's favorite picture, I tested several of the images in JPEGsnoop which checks for compression signatures and if a photo has been in photoshop it will leave a photoshop compression signature. Each image I've tested, beginning with the 'dad' image, has had a photoshop compression signature. Amazing innit?

Analysis starts post #126:


Anonymous said...

The helicopter and dead bird pictures the guy used in his blog posts are both stock photos that can be purchased from istockphoto. I discovered this through using TinEye, the reverse image search engine.

I posted links and screen shots which can be seen by traveling the link in my previous post.

He found that dead bird on his porch step huh? Right.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to reply to some skeptical questions raised in earlier posts on this blog.

1. The Indian head symbols for the Indian Lake Project and the Second Infantry Division are not at all the same. The ILP symbol is similar to the Indian head symbol used on the symbol used on the US $2.50 gold coin minted from 1908 to 1929: the nose is very prominent, with the forehead and especially the bottom half of the face slanted back, strong cheekbones, and a strong, downward-turned mouth. The 2nd Inf. Div. symbol, even allowing for the lack of detail, has a much more ordinary profile. The headdresses are also different: the ILP/gold coin headress feathers are all straight, and the top one slopes down directly from the highest point of the headband. The 2nd Inf. Div. headdress feathers are all curved, and the top one curves up from the band and then down.

2. Children were the preferred subjects for many MK ULTRA projects, since they could be controlled more easily and their minds altered more readily. They were the victims of horrible physical and psychololigcal tortures, including rapes, electroshock, sensory deprivation, and more. These were enjoyed for their own sake by the perpetrators but also designed to "split" the mind of the victims into multiple personalities, some of whom could be hypnotized and left with post-hypnotic suggestions that the core self would never become aware of.

3. Segregation in the US Armed Forces was formally ended in 1948 by Executive Order of President Truman, so the presence of black children alongside white children in the early 1950s would not have been impossible. Besides, the victims of MK ULTRA "experiments" were not treated as human beings, entitled to human rights, but more like lab rats.

4. Even though several thousand documents relating to MK ULTRA have been released through FOIA requests, many more thousands were deliberately destroyed by order of CIA Director Richard Helms in 1973. It was inadvertent that there were any files intact; they had been stored separately in a warehouse of financial records. There are therefore many MK ULTRA activities for which there is no documentation. The CIA strongly prefers that there be no further revelations about MK ULTRA that would further tarnish its reputation. That's why they would harass the ILP blogger.