Autumn Comes & Things Start to Heat Up in Oswego, NY!

Editor's Note: York Stater's friend, Wild Turkey Desire, has submitted this document published by the Social Justice Club of SUNY Oswego for our perusal. It gives an excellent picture of some of the radical organizing taking place on some of our college campuses around Upstate New York and offers a few good articles for your perusal. Enjoy! -Jesse

By Us We Go
October 2nd, 2006

A Call Up: We here at the Social Justice Club[1] of SUNY Oswego would like to extend our salutations and invite you to participate in our shared future. We have been a student organization on the SUNY Oswego campus for the last three years and are striving to keep the opportunity to organize and raise awareness in Oswego, NY open to all who are interested in working with us. If you help organize other campus organizations around Upstate, NY or for that matter anywhere in the USA - we would like to hear from you, lets do some networking and find out what has worked and what has not. Also, if you are interested in coming to Oswego, NY as a guest speaker - we would like to hear from you. We don’t have a lot of capital, but we like to think that we have big hearts. Furthermore, if you’d like to help us in any other way, shape, or form we would also like to hear from you. On top of all of this, we are also blissfully pleased to announce our first autumn edition of our newsletter/publication called The Get Free Times.

In case you’re wondering, The Get Free Times is a compilation of socially conscious writings, by people that are concerned for the struggles that continue to exist throughout all nations and peoples. Stepping away from mainstream media, they are ideas from real people who remain focused on freedom, justice, and liberty for all. Our first autumn issue is a full six pages of articles (front and back) written (for the most part) and complied by current and former SUNY Oswego students for your reading pleasure. Our first issue, highlights our history as a “club” on campus and what we have all learned from our experience, plus some other randomness to get you thinking, along with some art to make life a little more interesting.

A list of articles for the first issue include: (some online links have been provided)

1) Read This Before You Tear It Down by a Social Justice Founding Sister
2) The Social Justice Club: A History by Subcommandante Maslauskas
3) Internet Security: Big Brother is not only watching us, but they are
4) Spring Foward, Fall Back Down: What is the Social Justice Club?
5) The Last Three Years of the Social Justice Club: Success and Failure by Us We Go
6) The Assembly Line at Factory Oswego by Subcommandante Maslauskas
7) The Peoples Republic of Crumm Mountain Mystery by an Anonymous Oswego Student (first published on Yorkstaters

If you would like to receive a hard copy of our publication, we would be pleased to send you one, especially if you publish your own campus newsletter or your campus has it’s own version of The Get Free Times. For that matter, we would like it if you sent us a copy of yours, so please let us know.

You can contact the editors of Social Justice at getfreetimes [at] gmail [dot] com

On the silly side of life, we have a rather boring internet site that is sometimes updated with our writings, but not everything (the print edition is much more complete, take that computers!). You can check out the site by visiting

Get Free Times

Well, we look forward to hearing from you and hopefully bringing a lot of needed debate to our often dry campus discourse.

Lets Get This Party Started!

Part of Your
Campus Anarchist Network
(Note: We’re not all anarchists, but some of us might be)

[1] We are not a vanguard of revolutionaries, but rather we had to use the name “club” because we receive our funding from every student on campus under the student association fee. We actually despise the term “club,” especially in reference to social justice, but you gotta do, what you gotta do.

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I think some of the links in this article are broken - specifically the ones that are links to the related articles of history [sic] of social justice and some more at the end...

If you could fix those that'd be swell. Thanks, for publishing this on Yorkstaters, much much!

We are working on the next issue of the Get Free Times now and I was thinking about asking permission to use the article you wrote about cats and syracuse recently.... What do you think?