York Staters Update: Summer Hours

And now a word from your editors, Jesse and Natalie:

Hello readers,

Another glorious upstate summer is upon us, and we'd like to announce a few changes here at the blog.
Tomorrow Jesse is heading to Turkey (yes, Turkey) for a few weeks for some adventures, and shortly afterward, will be heading to the Adirondacks until August. Both of which are very exciting, neither of which, however, are condusive to posting. Natalie finally acquired an internet connection at home, which while not very exciting, is condusive to posting. These factors combine to form York Staters 'Summer Hours': like many establishments, our operations are going to be a bit different in the summer months. You'll hear a bit more from Natalie, a bit less from Jesse. And we're hoping that we'll hear a lot more from you, gentle reader. Now that the sun is shining, we're hoping that you'll be out and about around upstate, and share some of your experiences with us. Go to an interesting festival? Have some insight about the election-year upstate political bouts? Moved to write poetry by scenic vistas? Have a photo you'd like to share? Send it to us.
You can check out our pages on submissions and our mission statement for more information, but our basic policy is: if it's at all related to Upstate and it's decipherable, we'll post it.

Thank you,

Jesse and Natalie, Co-Editors
York Staters

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