Onondaga Lake's Tree of Peace

At a time when it appears certain that the next phase in industrializing and commercializing Onondaga Lake will take place I thought I should share the following with you.

Yesterday I got a call from a couple traveling by car from Evanston Illinois to Boston Mass for a family reunion. They had read The Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey and felt compelled to stop by Onondaga Lake and see the Tree of Peace. County Parks gave them my number and directed them to Willow Bay. In conversation with me they repeatedly referred to Willow Bay as “Willis Beach”.

They spent some quiet and soul full time by the Tree of Peace. They prayed and did ceremony. They said that they were very moved and grateful that a tree had been planted by the lake providing them with the opportunity to pray.

Because it had been a tough winter for the tree (being at the far end of the lake makes it the first to meet a strong head wind that robs its needles of moisture) I asked how the Tree was. They said that the tree looked and felt fine. Theresa told me that there was lots of new shoots and growth sprouting from the ends of the branches. I was relieved because it seemed that my efforts these past few weeks to revive the Tree of Peace with fertilizer had worked.

June 1 will be the third anniversary of when Chief Jake Swamp led us in a wonderful ceremony and planting of the Tree of Peace. During the ceremony Chief Jake Swamp told us that when he does Tree of Peace plantings at schools and colleges he tells the students that if they get depressed that they should go stand by the Tree of the Peace and gently hold one of its branches and ask creator for help.

A wonderful and strong vortex of energy has formed around the Tree of Peace, as does so with any place of prayer or meditation. Attached you will find an old picture of its base. The Tree of Peace is located at the mouth of the Seneca River and Onondaga Lake in Willow Bay.
Please go and sit and pray or meditate by the tree. It is a powerful place that will help you hear your inner voice.

Rest assured something wonderful is at work at the other end of the lake.

God Bless and Praise Allah,

Madis Senner


PS. The Tree of Peace will be featured at our July 1st “Honor the Lake Gathering”. Through out the day there will be chanting, drum circles and prayers around the Tree of Peace. We welcome any group or individual—gospel, folk, community choir, other—that would like to lead us in spirit around the tree. Please contact me. We also welcome faith and community groups to table for free at the Gathering. As it stands now the Bayview Pavilion is just about booked solid with musical performances—but we could always try and squeeze someone in if they feel called. Hope to see you there.

Editors Note: Madis is one of the organizers of an event July 1st at Onondaga Lake Park. You can read the more about the event here or at the website.

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