Music of the Catskills II

Here is a second version of "Lather and Shave," this one by a Mr. George Edwards. "George Edwards is a small, gnarled, and partially invalided man who worked as a farm hand. Most of his songs, of Irish origin, were learned from his father and mother. Others were learned while lumbering... Edward's song has a distinctly Irish flavor. It is in what is gnerally described as Dorian mode, with a rapid rise and sustained climax (both exaggerated in performance), a drop almost to a mumble, and a short, whimsical refrain" (pg 33-34).

The song originally comes from Ireland, where I understand it is an old folk song, and has as many versions there (and here) as there are balladeers and fiddlers. Soon, I will post my own version of this song, which I have resurrected into use again. I hope you enjoy this version.

-Posted by Jesse

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