Grover Cleveland: York Stater on Big Money

And now for a visual interlude: York Stater Grover Cleveland gracing the 1928 $1000 dollar bill. Cleveland was born in, and died in, New Jersey, but was raised a York Stater in Fayetteville NY (my hometown) and went on to become mayor of Buffalo, Governor of New York State, this nation's only non-consecutive two-term president, and (to the best of my knowledge) the only York Stater to appear on money. Take that Millard Filmore and Martin Van Buren.

The Treasury website has other large bills and further information.

Posted by Natalie

Update: I stand corrected: Phil rightly notes that both FDR and Susan B. Anthony appear on coinage. Upstate has more monetary representation that I thought!


Phil said...

Well, if you expand your definition of money to include coins, you add two more York Staters:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Hyde Park) on the dime and Susan B. Anthony (Rochester) on one of the dollar coins.

Hey Natalie, Fayetteville is my hometown as well. A friend of mine lived in the Cleveland boyhood home on Academy Street.

Natalie said...

Phil, right you are! I'll amend the post.

Yay Fayetteville! Have you ever been to Grover Cleveland days?

Jesse said...

I'm not going to go through and count, but I would hazard a guess that with three Upstater federal coins, the only state the has more of it's natives on money would be Virginia. Does NYC have any of its natives on money?