R.I.P. Al Lewis

Sean Kirst has an interesting post and 1998 article on his blog about renaissance man Al Lewis, best known as Grandpa Munster and 1998 Green Party candidate for Governor of New York. Also a basketball scout, restauranteur, and radio personality, the details of Lewis' life before he rose to small screen notariety are somewhat mysterious, with his age at the time of his death being reported as both 82 and 95. Regardless of his age, Lewis' commitment to the working class of New York State was well documented and informed his political career.

An outspoken public figure, he called George Pataki a Potato Head, cursed so extensively on the air he made Howard Stern cringe, and said at a Capitol press conference that the way to get rid of PCBs in the Hudson was to get a big spoon and feed it to the CEOs of GE.

He will be missed.

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Update: Memorial Service for Grandpa Al Lewis

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Eddie Munster said...

I feel bad no one's commented on Mr. Lewis. He was a neat guy.