Announcement: Formation of a new organization

Hello Everyone, As those who've read my posts on this site know, I am a die-hard Johnson City patriot. However, it's not easy to be a fan of a town that is decaying and idling in a pit of its own despair. I've become fed up with it all and decided to organize. To sum up the organization, here is the "ad" I put up in the Radicalendar:

"Revitalize Johnson City! Informational Meeting

Are you tired of the same-old Johnson City status quo? Do you cringe when you hear that we have to sell out, once again, to big developers and corporations? Would you like to see more democratic voices in village affairs?

You are not alone.

Please join us for the first informational meeting for a new organization intended to revitalize and protect the community of Johnson City. Time: 7-8 pm Place: Your Home Public Library upstairs meeting room, Main Street, JC Cost: Free"

I thought I would repost here and invite discussion on the topic. But first, to fend off a few questions:

1) Why just Johnson City? I believe firmly in the idea that politics, economics, and all meaningful change, occur at the local level. Our local communities are where we live, work and play; democratic movements must start here. Why JC? Because it's where I live; though I heartily support similar movements in other villages, towns and cities and collaboration between them. However, by keeping our eyes close to home and in a small area, we can focus our energies for change and make sure that our own movements remain democratic and do not replicate the bureacracy, corruption and oppression found in society at large.

2) What goals does the organization have? Well, this is something for the organization to decide. However, I have envisioned a few projects. The primary one would be to conduct a community survey and use it to create a master plan. Our village has no plan, no goals and without them we are simply drifting away. However, we don't need big outside consultants to tell us what our community needs; the goal of the survey would be to discover what JC has, what it needs and how to get there. Other projects might include rebuilding parks, hosting community meetings and debates, cleaning up town, hosting cultural events, etc.

3) How will the organization be governed? My co-founders and myself have agreed that for the first meeting, we will hopefully run as a benevolent dictatorship that believes firmly in egalitarianism. The first meeting being for informational purposes; the second will only be those folks who express an interest and will decide how the organization will be run in the long term and what our goals will be.

4) How many people are interested? Well, hopefully, you are if you've read this far. Outside of you and me, there are right now about a half-dozen interested parties that have contacted me.

5) Who can join? Anyone interested in seeing a new Johnson City. Later we will probably create points of unity that will define our membership more closely. Right now, though, it is not closed to those who live outside of village limits. I hope that doesn't change as I technically live in the Town of Maine (JC schools and address have deluded me). If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email me. I hope to see you on the 15th!

-Posted by Jesse


Dan Weaver said...

Good luck with your organization. Which we had your enthusiasm up here in the Mohawk Valley.

Linda D said...

Jesse, I found the link to this site at SpeakUp WNY. You've got at least one voice from WNY, from the "other end" of the Southern Tier in Chautaqua County (Jamestown).

Dan Weaver said...

Well I guess I was half asleep this morning when I read your post and commented on it. I meant to say wish not which. I hadn't had my coffee yet.

Alia said...

Mmmm Jamestown. Wasn't I just there the other weekend?