The Greatest Basketball Coach You've Never Heard Of

In February 1987, basketball coach Dick Baldwin of the Broome Tech Hornets collected his 876th victory, making him the most winning coach in collegiate history. This was for all NCAA divisions, Broome's happened to be Division 3. Although, today he might still not have the most victories, he's still in the top 5; yet Dick is never mentioned among the coaching greats when the list is pulled out during televised basketball games.

This is because his victories and his achievements aren't seen as as real as the Division 1 coaches'. Which is nonsense, since the D 1 teams play Division 2 and 3 teams regularly, and the talent is vastly superior in D 1. And the talent among D 1 schools is also significantly differing, which is not the case of the D 3 schools. Most of the talent of the Division 3 schools is at a level that makes almost every game they play a challenge. I think Coach Baldwin's achievement is as significant as the D 1 coach with as many victories and he should be given credit for being one of the winningest coaches in collegiate history.

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