"The York Staters Manners Should Be Beyond Reproach"

From my friend Heather's and my ramblings around upstate this Labor Day, an unusually polite 'no trespassing' sign. Jesse said it called to mind a quote about York Staters superior manners I'd issued last year.
Seen on a covered bridge just off Route 20. Maybe Oneida County, maybe Otsego...does anyone know?

Posted by Natalie


Jesse said...

I find this picture to be downright hilarious. It's so reserved and non-offensive. Granted, not everyone (by far) is this nice up here and we probably haven't earned the same reputation for "niceness" that the Midwest has... but it certainly is an expression of a society that puts something of a premium on manners and trying to avoid offense.

H said...


wild turkey desire! said...

Covered bridges!? Hot Damn, I didn't even know they're still around! Sweet!

I was driving today on Rt. 104 towards Oswego and saw this house with its property line all taped off with home made stuff, not like a police scene, and I just thought of how pitiful our culture can be sometimes in regards to property rights. It seemed like the folks were trying to keep their neighbors away or something, given I don't know the whole story and was just passing through, but I can honestly say sometimes folks take their property way to seriously.

On another similar note...

There is an abandoned ghost town behind my house and sometimes I like to ride my bike down the old road, but not anymore because the folks who "own" the ghost town are really protective about folks riding bikes. In a way I can understand, but at the same time it is such a nice place to ride bikes!

Perhaps, in the future I'll write about this ghost town in Upstate, NY for Yorkstaters.

Rebecca said...

Yes, this sign is from a covered bridge on Doe Road in Bridgewater, Madison County. The road leads to some very nice log homes back there.... go past that sign AT YOUR OWN RISK. LOL.