Oh Cannonsville!, part deux

Gary Teed, author of the song, "Oh Cannonsville!," which we featured a few weeks ago, has sent us this link so you can listen to a recording of the tune. Gary writes this about the tune:

"Let me have any ideas you may have for it. I want to make sure I do my best for this song. Joyce at the Delaware County geneology page is going to put this song on the Cannonsville page along with a panorama photo I took of the resevoir in 2001."
For those of you who missed the first discussion of the tune, Cannonsville was a thriving Catskill village that was siezed through eminent domain (the same technique that is threatened in the NYRI struggle) and flooded to create the Cannonsville Reservoir. A former resident of the village, Gary sings about the community he loved and lost. If you're interested in other towns destroyed by the NYC reservoirs and the music they've inspired, check out this article on Ashokan.

-Posted by Jesse

Update 9.10.06: The song can be found on the Delaware County Historical Society website here. Also, Gary supplied us with this image to accompany the song.

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