Coalition to Free New York Conference Tomorrow

James Ostrowski, of the Free New York Blog and Free Buffalo, is hosting a conference in Owego tomorrow at the Treadway Inn and Conference Center. With topic questions such as "Where should the boundry of York State end?" and "Separating school and state" the conference looks to be an interesting melting pot of ideas about taking action to reform state governance. Matthew F. Guilbault, executive director of the New York State Taxpayers Union, will be speaking.

Tickets to the conference are available at the door, so if you're in the Owego area tomorrow (Saturday, September 30th) and looking for a lively discussion on curbing government spending and tax reform in New York, look no further than the Coalition to Free New York Conference.

A schedule and more information is available here. Thank to James for submitting this announcement.



joe said...

i wonder why it's in owego, free buffalo seems far away.

Natalie said...

The conference is pan-upstate, so maybe Owego is a good venue because it's more in the middle

Jim Ostrowski said...

Thanks for the plug. The conference went well. I will post a link to a detailed report later this week.

Jesse said...

I'm looking forward to the report from this one. It's always great to hear people are pulling together as a region to think about our problems. They probably did it at the Owego Treadway because it's an awfully fancy shmancy place (I went there for my prom dinner... or maybe it was the Octagon Inn, I don't remember. I just know I had ostrich!)

Mike Sylvia said...

Sorry that I missed this event. We need a real change, soon.