What I've been reading lately

The Saranac Community Store: This organization is trying to create a community-owned department store in Saranac Lake (in the Adirondacks) to counter-balance the demands of the pro-Wal Mart crowd. It's a great idea and I think I'm going to devote an entire post to this one soon.

Amor Fati: An always intruiging blog by my friend Wild Turkey Desire, a fellow Yorkstater.

Chenango Talks: Rarely do we hear from Chenango County, but here is a blog entirely dedicated to news from that corner of the world.

315 Hardcore: For and by Hardcore fans from the 315 area code. For those of you not familiar with the world of hardcore, one's area code is a deeply important self-identifier.

New England Almanack: A beautiful site dedicated to celebrating New England the way we celebrate Upstate New York. I wish I was as good a site designer as that guy.

Foraging.com: For those of you for whom my post on foraging was not enough, this site is a collection of great links about finding your food in the wild.

The Starbucks Delocator: Find the nearest non-Starbucks, independent coffee joint at this easy-to-use search engine.

And this is just hilarious.

-Posted by Jesse


wild turkey desire! said...

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for the recognition, it is nice to know that sometimes other people read what you write. One of the reasons why I think that the internet is absolutly amazing and wonderful is because one is able to share information with other folks. Then these folks can think on it, and in some cases reply with their own ideas, thus furthering and creating new ideas. I consider myself a bit of a luddite, perhaps it is because I'm amazed with the Amish, another one of those fine York Staters*.

(* If I could cast a vote for the next York Stater of the month, I might just vote for the Amish or any folks living off the grid.)

However, the Internet is quite thought provoking and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to lurk through it's depths.

So, I'll share with you and the fellow York Stater community what I have been reading on the Internet lately. If you may, consider it the best of what I've read recently online...

Incendio is a journal "to connect English/Spanish speaking anarchists throughout the world to anarchist, indigenous, ecological, and social struggles occurring throughout Latin America." Being an America Latina scholar I feel it important to study all aspects of reality.

Autonomedia is something going on in the lower York State. A pretty bad ass publishing collective, or something, who knows it is kind of a mystery, probably better that way. Anyways, they publish and distribute a lot of excellent books; one of the most recent books is Marching Plague, which is a book that had to be rewritten (so to speak) because the US government seized the original manuscript. It is funny, but perhaps a lot of us in the York Staters community do not know about the struggles of other local artists, in this case one from Buffalo, New York. If you like art, are an artist, or otherwise alive and living you should check out how the FBI decided it was okay to bust Steve Kurtz, in this "age of terror."

2600 Cuba travel diary is also something that I've been trying to read. Cuba is so close by, yet so many of us Amoricans, know almost nothing about it. 2600 is a hacker magazine, thus, they have a lot to say about the technology in Cuba, very informative and intelligent.

Invisible Books is something I started to remember after the struggle of Hezbolla vs. Isreal broke into an all out war. With almost everyone talking about the end of the world, I remembered one of my favourite books, A History of the End of the World, which just so happened to be published by Invisible Books. So I searched for Invisible Books and started reading; some things that I've found interesting on their site have been It's a Wonderful Fatwah by Hakim Bey. In true York Stater pride or something like that, Bey writing from the "Invisible Hellhole of Rochester NY, birthplace of modern Spiritualismus" writes, and honestly that is pretty much all I understand. There is also a lot of other good reading material on their website.

Well, I try to read a lot more also, but I will not post it here, for I think this is a plentiful start to an interesting subject.

Once again, thanks for the props, and good day.

-00Whild Tofofurkey Dhesire00-

Jesse said...

No problem mentioning your site and thanks for the long comment. I love that Fatwah quote, I found the website and put this full quote up on our Quote Board: "This fatwah is hereby issued by the genuine Leopard Skin Divan (in plenary session levitating above the Invisible Hellhole of Rochester NY, birthplace of modern Spiritualismus) in cooperation with the Imperial Hell-Drivers (selah) and the Canadian Board of Consistent Uniformity, and the aggregate body of all Moors, departed, still waiting or disappointed in love. Dry clean only."

By saying that you're an "American Latina scholar," does that mean you're a scholar whose an American woman of Hispanic descent, an American scholar who studies women of Hispanic descent or a scholar who studies American women of Hispanic descent?

wild turkey desire! said...


When I wrote "American Latina scholar" I was not really thinking what it may exactly encompass. I guess, I was trying to say that I've been doing scholarly research on Latin America for a number of years now.

Sometimes, I like to mess up the combination of words in order to create something that sounds good to my ears in that moment.

So, in conclusion I'm a American Latina scholar who studies everything.


Todd said...

I'm looking forward to the Saranac Lake story. That area has been hit not only by the loss of Ames, but by the closing of grocery store chains.

pdiddysl said...

I'd be happy to put you in touch with the people organizing the Saranac Lake Community Store. They would love the publicity of a post on York Staters

Jesse said...

The Saranac Lake Community Store is a topic of great interest to me; I'm fascinated by people pulling together in a cooperative, not competitive, way to improve their lives and their greater community.

Pdiddysl: I would love to speak to people from that organization, even to set up an internet interview.

pdiddysl said...


Go to the community store website and send an email to Gail Brill, actually I just noticed that she lists her phone number at the website also. She is leading the effort. See article in ADE today http://www.adirondackdailyenterprise.com/news/articles.asp?articleID=3798

pdiddysl said...

Call Gail Brill. Her's is the phone number listed on the Community Store website. She will be very happen to speak with you.

Gail Brill said...

Gail Brill here. There was some discussion of my efforts (although I am hardly alone in this effort) with the Saranac Lake Community Store. It has been a long road for us but we are dedicated to bringing reasonable, responsible retail shopping to our beautiful, unique Adirondack community. Our prospectus and offering document are in the hands of the Attorney General and we should be selling shares at $100 a piece by month's end. Feel free to contact me at info@community-store,org. We are the only community owned store in NY state and hope that others will spring up throughout the state. No more sprawl. Save our downtowns. Shop local.