What I've Been Reading Lately, Part Deux

Time for a sequel to Jesse's "What I've Been Reading Lately" It probably won't be as wildly successful as the original, but I though I ought to share some of the interesting Upstate-related websites I've been exploring lately that you may or may not be familiar with.

Syacuse: Then and Now and The Freedom Trail: Two excellent websites from the Preservation Association of Central New York that are easy to get lost in. Syracuse: Then and Now is a compendium of histories and photographs, from the Old Onondaga County Courthouse to Aunt Jemima's Syracuse connection. The Freedom Trail is a great resource for learning more about Central New York in the Underground Railroad and the abolition movement.

Buffalo Architecture and History
: This site is excellent for exploring Buffalo's architectural landmarks and to brush up on you architectural terminology with the Illustrated Architecture Dictionary. Can't remember what quoining is? Or the difference between a mansard roof and a metope? Check out the Dictionary for a quick answer, or a more involved definition and understanding of something like the Italianate style, using Buffalo examples.

Historic USGS Maps of New York
: The home page looks a bit daunting, with a large grided map of the state, but pick a town, click on the quadrangle, and snoop around. Some US Geological Survey quadrangles only go as far back as the 1950s, some go to the late 1800s. Check out how much of Syracuse was covered with salt sheds, or find your hometown.

Okay, those three were excellent, no-frills, interesting and enlightening reference. Now on to some slightly more fluffy places to visit:

Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro videos
: Okay, I know this doesn't count as reading, but it's worth a trip down memory lane to visit your favorite 90s TV lawyer. Anyone within earshot of a television in Rochester or Syracuse and environs recalls his bold pronouncments and violent fist-shaking. Remember, he may be an S.O.B., but he's your S.O.B.!

The Perry Bible Fellowship
: An amazing comic that got its start in the Syracuse University Daily Orange when creator Nicholas Gurewitch was an undergrad. The strip is now syndicated in major papers all over the country, but you can read it online, and I defy you not to sit down and look at every single one.

New York Apple Country
: Some people endeavor to be beer tasters, others strive for expert knowledge of fine wine. I want to become an apple connoisseur.

I've also been keeping my eye on Sean Kirst's Upstate Rebellion, back issues of The Preservationist, New York Swimming Holes, and some great recent articles at the Adirondack Almanac.

Happy reading!

Posted by Natalie


feral turkey said...

The map link is pretty cool. I love looking at those old maps, especially when it comes down to buried treasure.

On a more bland note - the Hammer dude. Whew, those commericials were amazingly funny, I can remember them from television, yet at the same time those commericals were a prime wake up call to what our NY/USA judicial system is all about....

Make money, money, money... Make money, money, money


Jesse said...

Wow, Jim the Hammer Schapiro excels his reputation. Perry Bible Fellowship... I read all of the comics they had up. Excellent stuff and thanks for sharing.