Jesse's back

Hello everyone,
After a two-week-and-some-change trip to Turkey, I'm back and ready to get back into the swing of blogging. I've been following Natalie's posts and I've been nothing but astounded at the difference that having a computer at home makes for her participation. I've been getting ideas together in my mind for posts on maple syrup production, Upstate manhunts, the interpretation of historic houses and this fantastic ice cream place I went to in Richford. Can't wait to hear your comments.


NYCO said...

Welcome back!

Have you guys ever written anything about Seth Concklin - freelance abolitionist, all-around hellraiser, tragic son of upstate? If not, you really should.

NYCO said...

I'm never sure if my comments post on your system... but in case my last one didn't go through, have you guys ever written up anything about Seth Concklin? If not, see "The Kidnapped and the Ransomed," particularly the appendix about Concklin's life and exploits.


Russell Petrosky said...

I saw a person in Izmir Turkey with an Upstate shirt on. I didnt ask him if he's ever been there, but im sure he would support this blog if he knew about it.

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When I was a kid, we spent almost our entire summer at Bowman. My father would commute from there. Camping was $1 a night, and when our two-week limit was up, we would pack up, drive out, turn around, drive in, and set up again. I probably know every inch of Bowman, and every mile of what back then seemed like a long trip to the fire tower.

When we visit other people, we always look for a state park to camp in. Why pay for a hotel?

Miles Marmalade said...

Yo kid, i was all over hamlet of maine the other day. That place is sexy. Next to the dollar general they have two tiny competing ice cream shacks that resemble richford's, some old school house and historic crap, friends diner(absurd), a driving range where you slip the money into a wall to pay for your balls, a church turned into this hotass fine arts gallery, and the most haunted street in broome county, Death Valley Rd.