Flag Day Festivities in Hudson, NY

The City of Hudson, NY takes their Flag Day pretty seriously. In addition to the parade (pictured below) there is a fireworks display at the waterfront after dark. Despite the unseasonably chilly weather, it was a well-attended, vibrant celebration. Organizations, bands, and emergency service vehicles participated in the parade from all over the southern part of Columbia County, and even some from Greene County across the river. The parade route went down Warren Street, the city's main thoroughfare and the place most changed by Hudson's recent resurgence as an antique destination.

It's worth noting, perhaps, that Hudson's population is economically diverse. There are those who are part of the city's gentrification, and there is the more hard luck populace, I guess you could say, as there are still some gritty parts of Hudson. The sector of Hudson's population that seems the most threatened are the elder statesmen and those who remember Hudson in a different time, the type of working/middle class folk who fill the ranks of the Masons and the Shriners and The Order of the Star, many of whom were in the parade yesterday.

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Teri Peet said...

We attended Flag Day festivities in Hudson 2 years ago and loved it. Please let me know the dates for next year. I'm very disappointed we missed this year's parade.