York State Rag by Old Dutch Church - a musical submission

Editors Note: Gentle readers (and listeners), I present to you this very special submission from Joe and John, ( formerly known as Betty and Veronica, now as Old Dutch Church) the York State Rag. Click here to visit their MySpace page and groove to the Upstate tunes. - N

Unlike most songs written nowadays down in Nashville or Memphis, this song wasn't. This song was written up in the north country, up in the Parlour City...

Picking at my pockets, picking at my bones
if they start picking up my fence posts, I'll be picking up a stone
I'm on my own, change has come and gone

I take exception to the rulers,
they aint gonna come into my home,

Scratching at my collar, throwing down the phone,
what's another dollar to a man who won't atone?

Catskills, Leatherstocking, one less job and one job more,
Spitzer's come a knockin', a knockin' at your door
York State folks are flocking, settling the score
where's our new John Chapman, have we forgotten lore?

- York State Rag by Old Dutch Church

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Anonymous said...

Is the York Staters blog no more? I really enjoyed it.