New York State Courthouse Architecture: Website and Webcast

Sometimes you stumble upon something on the internet that makes your heart skip a beat (in a good way.) Today is a banner day, dear readers, for a treasure trove of Courthouse architectural info has been found:

The Historical Society of the Courts of New York State

You can view county courthouses, appellate court buildings, and several assorted city courthouses, and read
about their histories. The catalogue is not quite a complete one (where art thou, Columbia County?) but an interesting compendium. It also contains an in-depth history of New York State's oldest still functioning courthouse, Fulton County.

You can also watch a webcast of a recent lecture by Henry N. Cobb and Paul Spencer Byard entitled "The Shape of
Justice: Law and Architecture" co-sponsored by The Historical Society of the Courts of New York State and the New York State Court of Appeals. I confess, I have yet to watch the video, which is over an hour in length, but the fact of its exsistence is interesting in itself. Who would think the Court of Appeals would have a lecture series?

Thanks to the blog of the RPI Building Conservation/Historic Preservation Masters Program, which posted a link to the lecture information previously.
Our fascination here at York Staters with the counties of New York State and the Courthouses of said counties is well documented: check out the County Courthouse Series.

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