Summer in New York: Robert H. Treman State Park

Summertime in New York State offers many opportunities for fun, even if you're stuck under the flourescent lights from 9 to 5 as I am. Many exciting things are just a drive away.

Robert H. Treman State Park
When you are a small child, this park is the most magical place ever (though come to think of it, it feels that way when you're an adult as well) My family and I come to this park every year, and the natural beauty of the hiking trails and unique swimming area never ceases to amaze.

Located in the towns of Enfield and Newfield just outside of Ithaca, Robert H. Treman Park has plenty of what the Ithaca area is known for: hippies.
No, seriously, it has an abundance of gorges and waterfalls. The one pictured here you can swim up to and sit on the natural rock shelves as the spray falls on you. The day we went was only shortly after the recent period of torrential rain, and the waterfall was quite forceful (and cold) but enjoyable nonetheless.

There are two entrances to the park, the lower entrance that leads to the swimming area and camping area (where you can pitch a tent, bring an RV, or rent a cabin) and the upper entrance with plenty of great picnic spots and access to the trails and upper waterfalls, including the 115-foot Lucifer Falls. The camping and swimming areas are very accessible, but some of the hiking is not for the faint of heart. More geological and historical information is available here. Well worth a visit....it might just become a favorite summer destination for you too.

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