New Links and Technical Updates

Hello everyone,

Particularly astute readers might notice that several new links and minor technical changes now grace our weblog. The links are:

Syracuse Real Food Co-Op: A link to the Co-op's blog, which deals with topics of sustainable agriculture and quality food in the Syracuse area.

Cookin' in the Cuse: I always enjoy this fun blog about finding, making and eating good food in Syracuse.

Frugal Upstate: This blog rates up there with Wildrun (the blog dedicated to rescuing feral cats in Spencer) for the most unique and specialized. This blogger from Norwich is dedicated to living a frugal life and helping others do the same. Check out her post on making your own laundry soap.

Other changes include: new quotes on the Upstate Quote Board and books on the Upstate Reading List (both added to the end of the lists), spelling and grammar corrections (including one particularly embarassing one in the section on how we value correct spelling in our submissions guidelines) and a cleaning up of our "Writings" page.

If you see anything you think ought to be changed here feel free to let us know at york.staters@gmail.com. Also, as always, if you have a York State Quote, a favorite York State Book or an entire post that you want to put up here, please send it to us (though you might want to check the Submissions Guidelines and Mission Statement first). We are always looking for new submissions to broaden our understanding and appreciation of Upstate New York.

-Posted by Jesse


JJ Jet said...

I have a technical Update. Less jesse and more natalie on this weblog.

Jesse said...

JJ- I agree with you, I also would love to see more of Natalie and everyone else on this weblog, but I don't think that requires "less jesse," just more of everyone else. However, in me and Natalie's case there are a few complications: I don't work during the day and have internet access at my home, which means its easier for me to write a post at my leisure. Also, my job (a buffet attendent and prep cook at a restaurant) is fairly mindless, which means I can think out my next post at work. I also tend to write faster than Natalie. Natalie, on the other hand, only has internet access at work, which restricts her ability to write posts. She does, however, handle most of the PR for the site and correspondence with others, both of which are time-consuming tasks but can be done in small chunks, making it easier for her to get done at work.

Yet, I believe that Natalie may be storing up a few special posts for when I go on vacation in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

That said, if you want to see less of me, the best way to do that is give more of yourself... I often write because there is nothing submitted to the blog and feel the need to put something up.

Adam said...

Jesse, I am in the process of thinking of some material to post, if you got any ideas for me let me know. Nice website, I am checking it almost everyday now. Hope to talk to you soon.