Workers of the Rochester Area: Call In Sick

"Terrible menstrual cramps" Pretty unrefutable.
"An embarassing case of diarrhea" They're not gonna investigate that one.
"Ate some bad Chinese food lastnight, been puking all morning" Classic.

Those are a few of my favorites. What are yours?

More info on bush in Canandaigua today (3/14/06):

-Activists meeting at 10:30 AM @ Bella Larga, 158 Lakeshore Dr. he's gonna be speaking in Ithaca around 9 AM, I have a premonition he'll be rolling into our neck of the woods in the 11 AM area. He'll be at both Canandaigua Academy and at the VA hospital this morning/afternoon.

-Organized demonstration located at where Routes 5 & 20 and Route 333 meet at 4:30 PM

See you there!

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Natalie said...

Agreed, on the whole it's much harder to fake a head cold than a digestive issue.

Good luck out there!