Blogging Again

Loyal York Staters,

After an over-long hiatus, we're back on the blogging scene. Jesse has begun writing again, Natalie is editing and will hopefully write soon (give her some slack, she just started graduate school at Cornell this semester), we've also got a number of submissions from Steve Lewandowski that we'll be putting up. Exciting things.

For those of you who may have sent us articles or important comments over the past six months or so, we have fallen criminally behind in our email and apologize for our laxness. Especially if you have sent us a submission, we would greatly appreciate it if you could resend it to york.staters@gmail.com. We promise to put them up this time around. If you haven't sent a submission, this is a good time to think about it, we'd love to hear your thoughts from Olean to Plattsburgh or White Lake to Oswego (here is a link to our submission guidelines).

This link, "Upstate needs to secede from state to succeed," was sent to us by Fenrir.

Filling in a geographical gap in our blogroll, we're adding Wandering the Tug, a site located in the Tug Hill Plateau and managed by John. John has also given us three books to add to our Upstate Reading List: The Boyds of Black River, Rome Haul, and Drums Along the Mohawk all by Walter Edmonds.

Finally, we were thrilled to be mentioned in the Syracuse Post-Standard for the article on the Westcott Cinema two weeks ago.

Hope to hear from all you in the near future.

Best Wishes!

-Jesse (co-editor)

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deerjohn said...

I just heard that the Westcott may be coming back?