Syracuse Snow

I've had some requests from far away lands (Minnesota) to put up some pictures of our snow. Granted, Syracuse hasn't been hit nearly as bad as a few points north of here, but I thought that since I can't get up there (I can't get my car out of the driveway yet, though I did dig for a few hours today), this will have to do. So here is the snow up in the 'Cuse today.


Anonymous said...

these pictures are amazing!
You're lucky; here in Belgium there was no snow this winter...

Simona (Cinnamona)

York Staters said...

Sometimes I think that Syracusians define themselves by the snow. We become snow experts, with many words to describe it: "powdery, light, heavy, wet, soft, flurry, packed, black ice, white-out" and more. I guess we need something to talk about.