Mazel Wok

Along Route 52 through the Catskills is the little village of Woodbourne in Sullivan County. I passed Mazel Wok two summers ago on my way back to Dutchess County from an archetypal time warp of Catskill vacationing, The Raleigh Hotel in South Fallsburg (a story, perhaps, for another post). I deeply regreted not having stopped and taken a picture of it. On my way to Johnson City this past weekend I was given a second chance.

At this time of year, Woodbourne is like a ghost town. But apparently, in summer, the town is hoppin' with Hasidim.

Posted by Natalie


Noah said...

Oh, its not just there. The revolution is now...

joe said...

kaats-kill is a time warp, i was driving all over the southern extension of the park in places like Swan-lake and it's like a mix of 1985 people and 1969 latest vacation fad for downstaters.